EMERY is a high-oleic large-seeded Virginia-type peanut variety. It has an alternate branching pattern, intermediate runner growth habit, medium green foliage. It has excellent disease resistance to leaf spot, CBR, Sclerotinia blight and Tomato spotted wilt virus. US PROTECTED VARIETY and can be sold only as a Class of Certified Seed.

BAILEY II is a Virginia-type peanut with alternate branching pattern, intermediate runner growth habit, and medium green foliage. Bailey II has approximately 42% jumbo pods and 44% fancy pods, seeds with tan seed coat averaging 904 mg seed-1, and extra large kernel content of approximately 35%. Bailey II has the high-oleic trait that includes modified fatty acid content of the seed oil with elevated oleic fatty acid content and depressed linoleic acid content. This increases the shelf life of the seeds and products made from them. Bailey II is partially resistant to the four most common diseases in the Virginia-Carolina peanut production area: leaf spots caused by Cercospora arachidicola Hori and Cercosporidium personatum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Deighton, Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) caused by C. parasiticum Crous, Wingfield & Alfenas, Sclerotinia blight (SB) caused by S. minor Jagger, and tomato spotted wilt caused by Tomato spotted wilt tospovirus (TSWV). Its reactions to those diseases are similar to the reactions of Bailey.** US PROTECTED VARIETY and can be sold only as a Class of Certified Seed.

SULLIVAN was released by NC State University (Dr. Tom Isleib’s program in 2013). It is a Virginia type peanut. Yields on average 45% jumbo, 40% fancy with a tans seed coat, high oleic, and partial resistance to early leaf spot, (CBR) Cylindrocladium black rot, (SB) Sclerotinia blight, and (TSWV) Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. Pods are most similar to Bailey, NC V-11, and Perry. It was selected for multiple disease resistance and high-oleic acid content. Sullivan was tested in the Virginia-Carolinas Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation Program as the experimental variety N08075olCT since 2007. Producers of Sullivan seed will be required to test conditioned seed to verify high oleic composition. Sullivan is covered by utility patents on high oleic oil chemistry. Only licensed producers may sell this variety for seed and no farmer saved seed is allowed. US PROTECTED VARIETY and can only be sold as a Class of Certified Seed